BenQ HD Projector
Visuals Services

Only The Best in Your Events

Let your event be colourful, to your specification and size. Let your visuals be in HD (High Definition), let the 3D angles appear, let your viewers, clients, and prospective investors be firstly impressed by your out look than be breath taken by your presentations or quality video's. Along with our experts, we expect nothing but an inch to perfection!

Sound Services

Pure Quality! Pure Clarity!

Dealing with all types of Sound Services, from outdoor & indoor, cooporate and social events, car sound installations and fixed audio installations

We support and use brands such as HK, Hybrid, Pioneer, JBL, AudioCentre and many other quality brands in the Sound Industry!

CDJ Pioneer 2000

Event Management Services

With Us! Its A Memorabilia!

We have successfully delivered events ranging from awareness functions to celebrations, as S.A.B (Don’t Drink & Drive Awareness), TUT (Tshwane University of Technology), James Ratlhagane Foundation (Inaugural Memorial Lecture of Sydney Matseke) and also SA Women Soccer Magazine Launch.

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